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The New York Times on How Patients are Using the Internet to Get Medical Advice

October 3, 2008

Earlier this week, the New York Times had an article that was very relevant to next week’s Search SIG on the “Search for Better Health.”  Their article Logging on for a Second (or Third) Opinion” had a lot of interesting data points including (from their Pew Internet and American Life Project reference)

  • “of those with a high-speed connection, 1 in 9 do health research on a typical day.
  • And 75 percent of online patients with a chronic problem told the researchers that ‘their last health search affected a decision about how to treat an illness or condition”

According to this New York Times piece, “reliance on the Internet is so prevalent, said the report’s author, Susannah Fox, the associate director at Pew, that ‘Google is the de facto second opinion‘ for patients seeking further information after a diagnosis.”

In addition to describing all the useful health information that one can find on the Internet, it’s also intriguing to hear about the patient-to-patient information sharing. The New York Times shares an example of a lady in Oregon who used Twitter during her operation and recuperation. She attributes Twitter to helping her stop taking a certain antinasuea drug due to a friend’s warning her that her teeth chattering might be a side effect of the drug. She also put here surgery and tumor photos on Flickr.

Can we view someone in Oregon as American mainstream or are they still too close to the Valley?

The article also lists out a lot of sites that include


Oct 9th. The Search for Better Health: Empowering Consumer Health

August 22, 2008


  • Yahoo‘s Director of Product Management, Don Chennavasin
  • RightHealth/ Kosmix‘s RightHealth Product Manager, Saumil Mehta
  • Healthline‘s Chairman and CEO, West Shell

Moderator: Matthew Holt, The Health Care Blog and The Health 2.0 Conference

Thursday, October 9, 2008
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Microsoft Silicon Valley Conference Center
1065 La Avenida, Building 1
Mountain View, CA

From health search engines and widgets to social networks and web med journals, consumers have access to more medical information than ever before. A recent PEW report estimates 75-80% of all Internet users have searched online for health info. In fact, 75% of e-patients with a chronic condition say their last health search affected a decision about how to treat an illness or condition.

How consumers search for health data and interact with information in cyberspace is changing the way we live. From developing healthier habits to asking better questions with their doctors and controlling online medical records, the web is empowering patients around the globe.

In this discussion, Health 2.0 experts from Kosmix’s RightHealth, Healthline, Yahoo! and others will discuss the rising popularity of online health information sites, and its impact on the medical field. This panel, moderated by Matthew Holt of the Health 2.0 conference, will also provide insight into health user behavior, lessons learned and plans for the future.