About the Search SIG

SDForum Silicon Valley Search SIG

The purpose of the SDForum Silicon Valley Search SIG is to offer a communication and collaboration platform to the Search ecosystem: search engines, marketers/advertisers, users and developers. Through a series of monthly events, the SIG will cover a large diversity of topics: from the latest developments in search to the needs of brands and advertisers, through the issues and key learnings of starting, funding, building, and exiting a search company.

We plan to use different formats for the SIG as well: fireside chats with key executives of the ecosystem, panels, presentations + Q&As, unconference – i.e the panel is the audience, etc. Once thing we request, demand, beg for, is the participation of the audience.

We also want to give companies the opportunity to introduce themselves, launch their products, in short segments of 5/10 mins max. And at the end of each session, anybody having an announcement to make will be able to do so.

To keep up with SearchSIG events & info, click here to subscribe Search SIG mailing list on Yahoogroups, or send an email to sdforum_searchsig-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

You can also reach us by email at searchsig [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to get in touch!

Also, you can find the Facebook Group Search SIG page at


Regards & happy searching,

Robert L. Tri

Search SIG Co-Chair


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