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Search UX Innovations with Bing and Google — SDForum Search SIG

August 26, 2009

On Tuesday, September 29th, join Bing, Google, Yahoo! and your fellow Search SIG members and guests for a lively conversation on innovations in search user experience.

Time: 6:30 – 9 pm. Location: Microsoft Silicon Valley Conference Center, 1065 La Avenida Building 1, Mountain View, CA

Free for SDForum Members. $15 at the door for non-members.

Dinner will be provided at no additional charge by Microsoft.

Confirmed Panelists:

Bing Google Yahoo

Sean Suchter [quasi-German for “searcher”] runs Microsoft’s Search Technology Center – Silicon Valley. Sean has nearly eleven years experience in web search and previously ran the Yahoo! Search Technology team, where he was responsible for all aspects (engineering, research and product management) of the algorithmic side of Yahoo! web search. Previously to working on web search, Sean did speech recognition research. Sean holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Applied Science from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA.

Johanna Wright is the Director of Product Management responsible for Web Search.  She oversees the development of Google‘s search user interface and features and was the initial product lead on Universal Search, having driven it from inception to launch. Prior to Google, Johanna worked at a number of software start-ups in New York City. Johanna holds an MBA from UCLA and a BA in Mathematics from Barnard College.

Dr. Larry Cornett is the vice president of the Yahoo! Search consumer products division. In this capacity, he is primarily responsible for the Yahoo! web search experience and heads up a multinational team of product managers, designers, and developers focused on creating a world-class search experience.

Prior to this role, Dr. Cornett was a Director at eBay, where his team focused on multiple products for Tailored Shopping Experiences, Platform, and International sites. Earlier in his career, he was a designer at Apple Computer, where he worked on the Finder, OS, and International software; and IBM, where he worked on database and development tools. He was also the principal consultant for MindSpan Design, an interaction design agency where he worked on desktop, web, and mobile solutions for a variety of clients.

Dr. Cornett received his Ph.D. from Rice University, where he designed and developed a coaching system for training software users. He holds multiple patents, which include design work on web-based products and hardware solutions.

Safa Rashtchy

Safa Rashtchy

Moderator Safa Rashtchy is well known for his expertise on search and for hosting the teen panel at Web 2.0 Summits and for his prescient investor analysis on the search space as Piper Jaffrey’s Managing Director for Global Internet Media.