Photos & Summary from “Search Different” meeting

wow. we had a great event last night, with over 200 people attending to hear presentations by the founders of,,, and, moderated by blogger/analyst extraordinaire Charlene Li. (& many thanks to those patient enough not to kill us while we sent for extra pizza!)

here are some links to photos & blog posts from the meeting:

(update: Thomas Hawk’s meeting summary is excellent, as are his pictures)
Search SIG January 2006

Joshua Schacter says:

Mmm… i’m digging the taste of these new tags —
makes me want to wink at the whole kaboodle of them!

tags: sdforum searchsig digg wink kaboodle charleneli

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2 Comments on “Photos & Summary from “Search Different” meeting”

  1. thehm Says:

    That seems like a LOT of fun! I am glad it went well, i bet it was very informative

  2. seekum Says:

    I wish I could have been there.

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