Welcome to the SearchSIG Blog

We (the co-chairs) had been talking about putting this blog together for some time, among the many things that we had to do in order to get a new SDForum Special Interest Group up and running – focusing on the fascinating world of search. SearchSIG came about as the logical extension of Vertical LEAP, the Vertical Search conference that we organized back in June 2005.

Our mission statement is:


The Search for Search

The purpose of the SDForum Silicon Valley Search SIG is to offer a communication and collaboration platform to the Search ecosystem: search engines, marketers/advertisers, users and developers. Through a series of monthly events, the SIG will cover a large diversity of topics: from the latest developments in search to the needs of brands and advertisers, through the issues and key learnings of starting, funding, building, and exiting a search company.

We plan to use different formats for the SIG as well: fireside chats with key executives of the ecosystem, panels, presentations + Q&As, unconference – i.e the panel is the audience, etc. Once thing we request, demand, beg for, is the participation of the audience.

We also want to give companies the opportunity to introduce themselves, launch their products, in short segments of 5/10 mins max. And at the end of each session, anybody having an announcement to make will be able to do so.

Who are we and why are we doing this ?

Dave McClure is the VP of Marketing of SimplyHired,  the world’s largest search engine for jobs, has always had a keen interest in search and has been involved with other SIGs in his past life(s).

Jeff Clavier is the Managing Partner of SoftTech Venture Consulting, a firm advising very early stage startups in the Consumer Internet space. Jeff’s practice, and personal angel investments, are primarily focusing on search and social media.

I want more ?

We also have a Yahoo Group on which we are making annoucements regarding SearchSIG and its events. You can subscribe by sending a email to sdforum_searchsig-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. And you can reach us by email at searchsig [at] gmail [dot] com.

This is your SIG, not ours. So please send us your ideas, suggestions, interest in participating, launching, presenting, etc. Note that we have so much demand, and we are grateful for it, that we can’t always involve all the companies that would like to.

Dave and Jeff

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